I have been chipping away at a custom scarf order for several weeks now, and just finished painting the second (and most difficult) scarf. The other requested patterns, one Goldfish and one Wisteria, are bother patterns I've done before several times, and I feel as if I've found my style for each. Carnations are not a flower I've ever painted before, and so required more research and planning.

First, I do some image research online.

Live Carnations.jpg
Art Carnations 1.jpg

Second, I sketch out a little with pencil and paper, to get a feel for the lines and shapes.


While I'm doing the line-work on the silk in resist, I think about what colors I want to use for the flowers.


I mix paints and finish all of the coloring.


I debated painting in the background, but ultimately decided that the flowers pop better on a white background.

Here is the scarf, painted, ironed, washed, and ready for finishing!


Whatever flower, plant, or animal, I can make a custom scarf of it! Use the "Contact" page for your custom clothing or accessory requests.